Shirly and
Mike Tienkien and his wife, Tallie, share food and talk on Friday night. (Photo by Sue Tillman  Darrow)
Shirle Tomassetti Mabie and Tish Garufi and Frank Cunningham share a laugh.  ( Photo by Sue Tillman Darrow)
The girls
John and Marilyn
Tish Garufi Cunningham, Shirle Tomassetti Mabie, Teakie Henriques Welty and Hope Lewin stand up for a photo. (Photo by Sue Tillman Darrow)
John and Marilyn Peatman pose for a photo while getting their food.  (Photo by Sue Tillman Darrow).
Lee and wife
table 1
Lee and Lynn McMillion enjoy the scene while waiting  for dinner.  (Photo by Sue Tillman Darrow)
Adele DiVito Manso, Loretta Marchesiello Esposito and Barbara DeGaetani share a table.  (Photo by Sue Tillman Darrow)
Shirly and David
Adele and George
Shirle Tomassetti Mabie and David Albert share a moment.  (Photo by Sue Tillman Darrow)
Adele Boraczek and George Arche hug for the camera.  (Photo by Sue Tillman Darrow)  

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